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Train hard, fight easy!

Sensei Sas
Hello everyone,

I would like to say that last week was a testing time for some of you.  You will notice that I have picked up the pace with you all.  Some of you were pushed that little bit further!

If some of you feel that you could have done better, then just ask yourself if you did the best you could.  I know you all show great determination.  Sometimes, you just have to dig deep.

Remember, I will always insist on discipline, hard work and respect.  Your job is to work for your grades.  You all have new belts since the grading.  This means that you earnt your current grades.  I don't just give out belts to please people!  Show me that as always, you deserve to wear the belt you have.

You are always a great bunch and I enjoy every minute I spend training with you all!

Sensei Saskia