September grading 2010

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September grading 2010

Sensei Davin
Hello everyone,

Well, what a fantastic grading once again.  I think that everyone did a fantastic job today.  The effort and commitment shown by all was truly amazing.  

It was a pleasure to see you all achieving your new grades and moving up the ranks.  You have all earned the grades that you were awarded.  As you are aware by now, we do not issue belts for the sake of it.  If you are a student of Sasen Ryu, you have to earn your grade.  If you did not grade today, it was simply because of ability or number of lessons to qualify.  For example, our 7 new white belts have insufficient service to qualify and will be grading in January.  So, keep working hard you newbies!  You will be grading soon enough!  

As members of TRADKA.UK & FEKO, you have worldwide recognition for your grades, as your Sensei have.  Some clubs only have in house recognition, which means that external competitions are impossible.  Perhaps one day you will compete in kumite like Claire and Helen that visited us.

So, once again, a massive well done to everyone.  Boy, we certainly seem to be growing fast lately.

Stay safe everyone.
Regards, Davin