Best wishes from Sensei Albie O´Connor

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Best wishes from Sensei Albie O´Connor

Sensei Sas
Hi everyone,

Please see below a copy and paste from our email direct from a contact form from Sensei Albie O´Connor;

Form Name: Contact Form

Submitted Information:
Albie O'Connor


Good luck to all at Sasen Ryu in the forthcoming grading. We were very impressed with the keen attitude of your junior and adult students and with the calm, confident and friendly instruction given by Sensei Saskia, and blackbelts Davin and Jaiden. I hope your club continues to flourish throughout 2010 and beyond. Best wishes Sensei O'Connor

Thank you very much Sensei.......I am sure all the students will do well this grading.  Also we would like to pass on the same sentiments to all at Sessen Ryu!

Speak soon....
Sensei Saskia